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The Savage Eye: War Porn, Video Beheadings, and the Politics of “Just Looking” in the Age of Abu Ghraib

I’m lecturing in Baltimore this Friday, at the Maryland Institute College of Art. If you’re within hailing distance, bum-rush the show.


When: Friday, April 7, 7 p.m.

Where: Falvey Hall, Brown Center

What (From the official press release): Sponsored by MICA’s language, literature, and culture department, cultural critic Mark Dery explores the far fringes of visual culture, from the torture porn of Abu Ghraib to the cultural collateral damage of videotaped beheadings; from the growing traffic in Victorian post-mortem photographs on
eBay to the posthuman fantasies—photoshopped images of half-human/half-animal chimera—dreamed up by online fetishists; from homemade videos of wartime atrocities to the strange afterlife of 9/11 images
of the Twin Towers ‘jumpers, forever frozen in mid-leap.

“Because of the explicit nature of the lecture, it is recommended for mature audiences.”

Details here.

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