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Culture Jamming

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About the Book:

“Culture jamming,” a term Dery has popularized through articles in The New York Times and Adbusters, is media hacking, neo-Situationist sociopolitical satire, and guerrilla semiotics, all in one. Media hoaxers, billboard bandits, pirate broadcasters, fan-fiction authors of “slash” stories, makers of video mash-ups, and other vernacular media wrenchers who intrude on the intruders, hijacking ads, newscasts, Hollywood movies, and other mechanisms of social control and repurposing them to politically subversive or perversely personal ends, are all culture jammers.

Press for Culture Jamming:

“Widely republished in print and on the Web, Culture Jamming helped spark the guerrilla media activism movement associated with Adbusters magazine (to whom Dery, as a columnist, introduced the concept). It remains the definitive theorization of this subcultural phenomenon.”— Wikipedia

“An excellent springboard for anyone wishing to explore this fascinating form of art and revolt.” — Boing Boing magazine

“A how-to manual for duping the media and turning their own lurid game against themselves.” — The Lumpen Times

“The best attempt yet at a Jammers’ manifesto.” — Twisted Times